Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Editing is completely finished.  Whew.  That was so much fun.  

Now I'm just waiting on my o-so-talented soundtrack guy to finish up the music and it'll be go time.  I can't wait to start shopping this film around...it has turned out to be truly breathtaking.

SO, check back later this week.  I just have the full length sample film up for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a little teaser

SO...my film came in--as I mentioned earlier.  I've had the chance to edit it down quite a bit and wanted to give you guys a "sneak peak" of what to expect.  I'm just so excited that I can't keep it all to myself for the next week.  Okay, so I am a little TINY bit impatient--I've even been known to give Christmas gifts weeks ahead of the actual day.  

Anyway, my over-the-top talented husband (I mean, he has more artistic ability in his little toe than I have in my whole body) put together the music...isn't he just amazing or what?  I love working with him (it helps that he's nice to look at while he's working too).

Okay so without further ado, enjoy and please leave your comments...I'm dying to hear what you all think.  Also, make sure you watch it full screen--its nicer that way.

Black Daffodil Films - Teaser from Black Daffodil Films on Vimeo.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Great news...

I just received my film in the mail 10 minutes ago!  This is so exciting.  And I just love getting mail :-)

Hopefully I'll be posting something really soon--hopefully within the next few days!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hurry up and wait...

Still waiting.... How long does it take that film to be transferred...anyone, anyone?  Maybe the mail is just running slower than normal.   I honestly feel like a horse behind the gate at the Kentucky Derby....just let me RUN already.

I'm signed up for a Final Cut Pro workshop in Charleston at the end of the month and I am so excited to be able to ask some questions about a piece of software that is still pretty mysterious to me!  I've worked some on iMovie, but I think I'm ready to make the leap to Final Cut.  I may be singing a different tune by the end of the month, however.

For those of you who live in the area and are interested, Charleston is having their International Film Festival  April 23-26 this year and it looks like its going to be a blast.  The films are divided into "blocks" so that you can purchase tickets by the block rather than for the whole day.  I'm looking at getting tickets for Block 8 on Saturday which will feature 6 short films.  Which one am I most excited about?  Glad you asked :-)  Doves--which is a story of a man returning home to a small Greek island 12 years following the death of his best friend--where he must face the woman he once loved.  I know...sounds a little dramatic--but fun.  Don't you think?  Maybe it was just island scene on the cover that made me a little excited.

Until next time...