Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fire, Water and the Cool Kid

Well, filming is done in Charleston and what a great weekend it turned out to be!

Dad and Richard were so much fun to work with.  I could have written a book on how the two of them worked so well together--it was really THAT fascinating to watch.  I compared it to watching fire (Richard)  and water (dad) work together.   It was unbelievable and I am beyond excited to see the two of them working together.  

Now on to me :-)
I had no idea that my little Cannon 814 would get so much attention in Charleston.  I had over a dozen people go out of their way to come and talk to me about what I was doing and what in the world I was holding.  This was just at the wedding alone.  I also had some bystanders in downtown Charleston and at the hotel look at my camera, then at me, then at my camera again, as a perplexed look washed over their faces.  One man walked over and stood right at my shoulder while I was filming some outside shots of the hotel.  I think I'm going to keep that little Cannon 814 with me at all times when I'm needing some attention--maybe go shopping or to Whole Foods with it.  It literally was a people magnet which is quite strange for me.  I joke that I've never been that cool kid...but now I am--well on the surface (I guess I'll always have that little nerd inside).  It was like Clark Kent changing into Superman.

Okay...I'm digressing.  Where was I, oh yes...the wedding was beautiful and the reception was to die for.  The girls at A Charleston Bride did such a wonderful job planning all the details.  I have never worked at a wedding that was that big (500 people) and that relaxed.  And can I just say, the bride (Caroline) was never without her lip gloss.  One of the wedding planners was by her side the ENTIRE time glossing her lips without Caroline having to worry about a thing.  Now, that's my kind of service right there!  Caroline was like a little rock star that day.

SO up next, I have a date in the editing room coming up.  I mailed the film off on Monday for processing and transfer and should be getting it back in about 2 weeks.  At that point, I'll be mixing the film with the stills that both Richard and dad took.  Richard shot all film, so I am so interested to see how everything turns out.  And I am so excited about sharing the finished product with you all!  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Charleston Bound

Black Daffodil is Charleston bound this weekend!  I am beside myself with excitement to be filming a wedding with my dad, who I have always found brilliant, and with Richard, who captured my curiosity from the moment I first saw his portfolio.

As some of you may know, I've worked with my dad before and had more fun than I thought possible.  I love that I get the pleasure of seeing my dad when he's in his "sweet spot".  He's absolutely flawless when it comes to what he does behind that camera and on his computer.  I'm constantly impressed with is work and honored to call him my dad.

Richard...ahhhh...Richard.  I first bumped into him in early 2000.  After seeing his portfolio, I could barely even talk--I don't even think I looked him in the eyes.  I ran home and told my dad all about this "ta-ta" British photographer guy that I saw in Winston and how his photographs were breathtaking.  Flash forward a year...I'm working in my parents art gallery when in strolls RICHARD.  I hid from him.  I ran to the bathroom and would not come out.  He was obviously there to talk to my dad, but I was a nervous wreck.  Dad and Richard became fast friends and their styles fit together so seamlessly.  Am I excited to see the two of them in action...YOU BET!  Am I still sort of nervous...yep!

So, the three of us are taking Charleston by storm on Saturday.  Pray for nice weather!  We are actually heading out tomorrow for a long weekend with the whole family--so if you are praying for nice weather, could you also pray that I don't forget anything--say a camera or film?  I currently have three different scribbles on my hand reminding me of things NOT to forget tomorrow.    

The ceremony is going to be at the Citadel...WOW, what an honor to film that!  And the reception is here.  Its going to be a great day!

OH-processed film is in and it is amazing--such a tiny little reel.  I'll see what I can do to get some pictures up for you all!  

Thursday, March 5, 2009

You've got mail

Film has been processed and is on its way back to NC!   I am beside myself with excitement.  Ahhhh the small things.  I will definitely make sure to get some pictures up of the reel when it arrives in all of its UPS glory.

On a related note, I spent the better part of yesterday morning while my little one sort of slept in (YAY) starting a list of wedding coordinators and designers to contact.  I even developed a writer's cramp trying to write so much, so fast.  That is the side of the business that will be very interesting to me.  I haven't figured myself out in that area just yet.  I love people...LOVE them.  But, I hate the telephone and I say I am not a fan of big parties...but then I sort of am?  I guess I should say that I like small groups at big parties.  Anyway, I digress.  I'm looking forward to making some new friends in the wedding community and introducing them to something I'm really pumped about.  I really spent a ton of time trying to narrow down my list of coordinators and designers to ones that seemed to fit well with me and my vision.  So-I have about 15 new friends in a four state area that don't really know they are my friends yet--but I'm about to make that change.

Stay tuned..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A dream is a wish...

I always love seeing people in their element...where they feel passionate about something....when they have found their sweet spot.  So, when I saw that an "old" friend of mine was showing her first movie trailer at a show in Winston...I was game for it.  

When I started elementary school, my mother began working at a local pharmacy owned by one of the dearest men I know.   His daughter, Amy, now runs the pharmacy and she's started a semi-new non profit called Healing Seekers.  You guys have to check out her website when you get the chance...its some pretty amazing stuff that they do.  

The show on Friday night was nothing less than amazing.  There were a couple of things that really made and impression on both Neil and me.  One was that we got to witness Amy experiencing one of her dreams coming true...she was able to bring back some plant species that the World Health Organization is now examining for their use in medical treatments!  WOW.  Second, Neil and I were really struck by the powerful team of people that came together to create Healing Seekers and how they each gave so freely their talents and skills.  It is truly a dream team if I've ever seen one..that's for sure.

Oh and can I just say, we met this little man who, after speaking with him for a few minutes, I would have SWORN was in his mid to late 70s.  Um yeah...he was 92 years old!  He was sharp as a tack--and just looked SO young.  Neil asked him what his secret was, to which he responded, "I just love everyone....and I love living life...and I play a lot of golf."  HA!  Imagine that...sounds simple, huh?  So he stayed and talked a while, but as he was leaving he looked at me and said, "you make it easy to love".  AWH that was so sweet!  I gloated a little to Neil...and was quickly reminded that last week...not so easy to love.  HA!