Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So exciting.  My first post, my very first mark on a clean sheet of paper.  Isn't that a great feeling?

I just wanted to share with you all how excited I am to be working with this amazing piece of history.  I'm shooting a Cannon Auto Zoom 814 Super 8 camera and it is beautiful in every sense of the word.  Every part of it is so stinking amazing, from the sounds it makes while filming to the finished product.  I just finished shooting a roll of Kodak Ektachrome 64T on Friday and am anxious to take a look at the results.   I intend to shoot the 64T film along with another higher speed film at a wedding in Charleston in March, so my shoot on Friday was more of a test shoot than anything.  But it was an absolute blast.  I'll make certain to post the completed project as soon as possible.  I'll be joining some still photos shot by this amazingly talented man and the film that I shot.  

Finally, I can't begin to express how my heart is dancing with excitement right now...I can't even begin to tell you all how thrilled I am to share my love of film with you all.   Its a beautiful thing, that's melancholy movements sparks some pretty intense emotions from the moment it graces the screen.  So stick with me--this ride is going to be F-U-N!

Until next time....


  1. YAY Lupe!! I'm so excited to see this "infant" grow into a mature project...I know (from talking on our runs) that you have some super exciting, heart felt projects coming our way...and the world's way...can't wait!!! :)

  2. wooo lindsey! how exciting! i didn't know you were into film! what a cool idea, i know it will be great!