Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guess what I just found

WHEW...after searching high and low....and feeling like I'd have to settle for less than I pictured in my head (sometimes my ideas are quite elaborate), I finally found a small part of my new product packaging.  I guess there isn't a huge demand out there for DVD packaging with a vintage feel.  Now, if I wanted super modern (but o-so-common) tin or leather packaging, I'd be all set.  

You can imagine how elated I am right now.  I also found a company in the UK that has been extremely responsive to my inquiries and is putting together a proposal for the boxes that will house my final product!  I guess it helps to get up early and get a quick start on the day.

YAY for making progress! to reward myself with a nice grande cup of Tazo Berryblossom White Tea...YUM!  Read this post (here) and I think you may want to join me.


  1. mmmm tazo berryblossom white tea sounds great !!! and I reaaly like that packaging !!!

  2. the tea sound splendid and the packaging is sooooo perfect!