Wednesday, June 3, 2009


YAY for selling my first 8mm wedding package!

I am so feels like such an accomplishment.  I think what makes me so incredibly excited is that the groom, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know via phone calls, has some knowledge of Super 8 film and LOVES it.  His grandfather worked for Kodak for nearly 40 years and was always bringing home new "movie films" for his cameras (speaking of which...I'm trying out a new film on Saturday...I think I may have found my sweet spot with it).  It was so nice not to have to sell someone on the beauty and romance of was nice that he had already fallen in love with it.

Although the bride and groom are from DC, they are getting married in good old NC.  So on Saturday evening, I'll drive down to Denton, NC to a small, one room, white church with no air conditioning and creaky old benches to film.  Doesn't it just sound "moody" already?  From what I understand, the church isn't used anymore, but it is on some old family land...I think it actually used to be a school house?  Anyway, they'll tie the knot at this adorable little church in the middle of a tall grass field and then head off to Revolution Mill in Greensboro for the reception.  I've photographed some weddings at Revolution Mill with dad, so I'm excited to see how it looks on film...I can't imagine it being anything less than perfect.

The best part of it all, Neil is going to be tagging along at the reception to film a new "product" for me...I can't wait to share it with you guys, because the idea is super cool...but I'm going to keep it under lock and key until I have something to show.  

Saturday will be very busy...but loads of fun.  PLUS I get to work with my two favorite husband and my father.  
I'm excited about working with my husband for the first time....


  1. This is awesome Lindsey! I am so happy for you and especially excited that Neil is going to be working with you. Two artistic minds at work...I can already tell...the results are going to be fabulous.

  2. I am so happy and so excited ... and how great to have your men next to you ... good luck
    can't wait to see more of this wedding and for you to give us some feedback ..

    have a geat weekend . i will think of you and send you positive vibes from here :)

  3. And.....she's off!!!!

    Wow, sounds likes a perfect first gig. Can't wait to hear more about the next new thing you're working on!

  4. Congrats Linds! I'm eager to hear how this went, I've definitely been out of the loop lately.