Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take off.....

SO...the film arrived and I've spent the better part of two weeks editing it.  I even took my ENTIRE iMac to the beach with me so that I could work some while on vacation.  Though, I guess it doesn't really qualify as work when I looked forward to sitting down with the film each night.

I'm really excited about this one...it'll certainly be different than the last.  I hope to export it out to Vimeo sometime today and have it posted soon--so be looking out.

In other (and equally as exciting) news, dad and I met with an amazing wedding planner yesterday in Georgetown--Danielle from A. Dominick Events.  She was wonderful and the work their firm does is amazing.  Check them out when you get the chance---Danielle has a blogsite for all you girls out there planning weddings.  She has some great advice and some wonderful resources even if you are not in the DC area.


  1. I tell you what - your blogs are going to keep me by the computer - blue or pink baby news, the Layla videos, and now your latest film. I'm so excited!!! :)

  2. so much news, I love it! Congrats on meeting with Danielle from A. Dominick Events. Glad it went so well!
    Can't wait to see the film!